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WHAT IS KHU? — Khu, the Egyptian Mystery School™, is a long distance spiritual program with monthly energy initiations and written lessons. The work of Khu centers around "personality-soul fusion", i.e. the union of the personality and the soul. ("Khu" is an Egyptian word referring to the higher levels of the soul.) The school specifically de-emphasizes ritual and makes no effort to contact the Egyptian spiritual guides (which some refer to as "gods" and "goddesses").

Your soul is not just something that you experience when you die; it is a living reality that you are meant to experience here on earth. The process of personality-soul fusion brings into your life a radiant joy, wholeness, love and sense of purpose.

Through Khu you can accelerate this process by receiving a series of energy initiations which actually create and empower a new subtle body, which we refer to as the "soul vehicle". The soul vehicle acts as a bridge from your soul to your subtle bodies, enabling you to hold progressively more and more soul energy and higher and higher vibration soul energy.

IS KHU RIGHT FOR YOU? Because Khu is primarily about having certain kinds of experiences and because these experiences cannot be adequately described in words, to help you decide whether to enroll in the school, you will have the opportunity to:


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