THE CHANGES YOU WILL EXPERIENCE — It is one thing to have access to soul energy and it is another to learn how to experience and creatively express this energy in your daily life. When you bring soul energy into your daily activities, it makes whatever you are doing more fulfilling, whether it's meditating, walking, smelling your favorite flower, watching a beautiful sunset, listening to music or making love.

Everything is better when it's done soul-fully. Khu can help you not only with experiencing greater connection to your soul but also with expressing this connection in your daily life. This aid consists of direct transmissions of subtle plane information and of energies which together enable you to be in the world in a very different way.

You will receive transmissions of primordial light (the original light of creation) to your soul vehicle. The "soul vehicle" (a new subtle body formed through Khu initiations) formats these transmissions and then relays them to your chakras, which in turn educate your subtle and physical bodies. This kind of direct transmission of energy or information to your chakras makes it much easier to make changes in your life.

If you have received direct transmissions of this sort before, you will be surprised at how much more powerful they become when received through the soul vehicle. The more infused you become with the energy of the soul, the more you will magnetically attract those people, objects and events which will help you in fulfilling your soul purpose. Khu teachings are never about acquisition for its own sake. You will increasingly relate to the things you manifest in your life in a spiritual, non-grasping way.

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