By Irving Feurst, Founder and Director of the Khu School:

Words can truly not describe the radiant joy, wholeness, love and sense of purpose which come into your life through the process of personality-soul fusion. Going through this process can be hard work and can bring up your "unfinished business". However, the results are easily worth it!

How does the school help you to experience progressively more advanced states of personality-soul fusion?

The answer to this question will be clearer if we first outline some facts about your energy anatomy. Your aura or energy field consists of a nested sequence of subtle bodies. We refer to the first four of these, as we move from the inside out, as the etheric body (which interpenetrates and vitalizes the physical body), the emotional body, the mental body, and the causal body (the first in a sequence of more spiritually oriented subtle bodies).

The greatest vibrational gap between any two successive subtle bodies is that between the mental body and the causal body. The causal body is always filled with the energy of the soul and therefore, as this gap closes, the energy of the soul can flow into the mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Closing this gap between the mental and causal body is a pivotal part of anyone's spiritual evolution. This process is typically the work of many lifetimes.

It can be accomplished in many ways-through learning to love unconditionally, through meditation, etc. The great strength of esoteric energy work is its ability to accelerate the closing of this gap through initiations. The primary method that Khu uses to close the mental-causal gap is by giving you a series of energy initiations which actually create and empower a new subtle body, which we refer to as the "soul vehicle". (Like your etheric, emotional and mental bodies, this new subtle body is a "vehicle" through which your soul can express itself). Vibrationally, the soul vehicle is intermediate between the mental body and the causal body and can therefore serve as a bridge between the two.

Every class in the Khu sequence contains an initiation for the further building of your soul vehicle. Most of the soul vehicle initiations are received in the same way as the other Khu initiations (see the pages entitled "Khu Logistics" for details), however some of the soul vehicle initiations involve your soul vehicle traveling to temples on other planets. Here your soul vehicle receives energy initiations for personality-soul fusion from masters in these temples, initiations that are too powerful to go directly into your physical and subtle bodies.

Your soul vehicle then returns to your personal aura space, where the energy of the initiation is safely released slowly over time. Although these temple initiations constitute significant jumps to your evolution, and most students find them particularly memorable, it is really the cumulative effect of the other soul vehicle initiations, received in the same way as the other Khu initiations, which most contribute to your spiritual evolution.

As you progress through the Khu sequence, your soul vehicle will transmit more and more (and higher and higher vibrational) soul energy to your etheric, emotional and mental bodies and you will experience ever increasing connection to your soul. But the benefits of Khu don't stop here. It is one thing to have access to this soul energy and it is another to learn how to experience and creatively express this energy in your daily life.

When you bring soul energy into your daily activities, it makes whatever you are doing more fulfilling, whether it's meditating, walking, smelling your favorite flower, watching a beautiful sunset, listening to music or making love. Everything is better when it's done soul-fully. Khu can help you not only with experiencing greater connection to your soul but also with expressing this connection in your daily life.

Each night my higher self (I emphasize that this is my higher self, not me at a personality level) conducts classes on the subtle planes about exactly this subject. Khu students can attend these classes any night that they wish. This involves your soul vehicle traveling on the subtle planes to attend these classes. I emphasize two things about traveling in your soul vehicle:

(1) This is completely different from astral travel; it involves none of the hazards of astral travel and can confer many benefits that astral travel cannot.

(2) Absolutely no conscious learning is needed to do this kind of traveling; rather it is an ability that is conferred through initiation. You attend these classes when you are sleeping and are freer of previous conceptions and patterns than in your waking life. More accurately, your soul vehicle attends these classes and receives information and energy directly from my higher self. When your soul vehicle returns to your personal aura space, this information and energy is imparted to your chakras, from where it spreads to wherever it is appropriate.

As a result of attending these night classes, you will find that as you go about your daily life that you spontaneously have moments of simply "knowing things" or experiencing being in the world in a different way. If you have not previously experienced this kind of direct transmission of energy or information to your chakras, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much easier it is to change yourself - if you're not in the habit of recalling what happens while you're asleep, you may not even recall receiving the transmissions!

If you have received direct transmissions of this sort before, you will be surprised at how much more powerful they become when received through the soul vehicle. As time goes on, the capacity of the soul vehicle to benefit from these nightly transmissions of energy and information actually increases.

One reason for this improvement is that the transmissions utilize primordial light and each Khu lesson has an initiation for developing the ability of the subtle bodies and the soul vehicle to absorb, store and use primordial light. "Primordial light" is the term we use in Khu for the original light of creation.

Many traditions teach about an original light of creation. As the book of Genesis says "In the beginning...God said, 'Let there be light'". The Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah refers to this light as "Aur Ein Sof" or "The light of the Infinite One". Each tradition that teaches of this light has its own name. For example, in Taoism it has been called "Original Light" and in Huna, the Hawaiian spiritual tradition, it has been called "Lama Nuiakea" or "The All Pervading Light".

A key step in understanding the nature of primordial light is to realize, as so many mystical traditions teach, that Creation is not something that occurred in some distant time in the past and is over with; rather Creation is occurring at this very moment in the eternal now. In this very moment we can draw on the energy of primordial light to co-create the universe with God: Indeed this is our destiny. Esoteric traditions of many cultures teach the secrets of how to use primordial light in meditation, manifestation, sex, dreamwork, evolving the chakras, etc.

However, it takes many years of using traditional methods to be able to effectively use primordial light for these purposes. One of the beauties of Khu (and credit for this goes not to me but to the masters who designed the school) is that it greatly shortens the amount of time it takes to master many practices, including those utilizing primordial light. Once again, the key is direct transmission of energies and information to your soul vehicle when you are asleep.

While you are asleep you are free of preconceptions and limitations that are present when you are awake and inhibit your ability to learn new ways of being; you enter periods of greatly heightened creativity. Also, during sleep your soul vehicle can receive initiations and energies which are too powerful for it to safely receive when it is in your personal aura space in waking life. Please understand that even using soul vehicle techniques, it still requires an investment of time and effort to master the practices which you will be taught, including techniques of using primordial light. In addition, you must first lay a solid foundation of building your soul vehicle before you can begin to learn the primordial light practices.

In the night classes you can also learn Egyptian insights into the hidden nature of manifestation and techniques for implementing these insights, Egyptian alchemical practices for transforming the elements in the subtle bodies and Egyptian tantric practices for accelerating spiritual evolution and heightening sexual pleasure. You learn the above and the primordial light practices not through initiations or instructions received in the correspondence lessons, but by attending the sleep classes and when you have reached an appropriate point in your development.

As the applications of primordial light referred to above would indicate, Khu teaches you practices which are useful in your daily life here on the physical plane. However, I want to emphasize that Khu teachings are never about acquisition for its own sake. As the New Testament indicates, what does it profit you if you gain the whole world but lose contact with your soul?

Surely we are meant to enjoy the fruits of this world-otherwise, why did God place them here? But when material things become our master, surely we are lost. The soul-filled life offers a middle way between renunciation of the material world on the one hand and heedless materialism on the other hand. The more infused you become with the energy of the soul the more you will magnetically attract whatever (people, objects, events) will help you in fulfilling your soul purpose. At the same time you will increasingly relate to these things in a spiritual, non-grasping way.

I want to emphasize that Khu is experiential in nature. Certainly Khu includes information, even information that is difficult and impossible to obtain elsewhere. However, information and mental understanding are not primarily what Khu is about. The primary emphasis is on changing your way of being in the world.

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