"I feel much different now than I did 3 years ago, I am different in the world, in my relationships, in my work, in my joy.... I have had genuine experiences in these classes which were key to all the rest of my spiritual development." Yogendra

"Before the Egyptian Mystery School, when I would get in a negative or stuck place I would stay there for a long time. Now I can see much sooner that I'm stuck and also move through it more quickly and with greater ease." Sihua Kristee

"I feel more relaxed in the world in general and have an excitement for the moment and the future, more discernment and an ability to draw into me those things that further my awakening and the opening of my heart.... The practices and homework are very powerful support and kept at a time level that is practical to keep the momentum but not to overwhelm." Carol Singler

"I see the effects in my everyday life... I have a fluid and harmonious relationship to my work even though I have a very challenging job. ... I have much deeper meditations, and many spontaneous experiences of joy...people comment on a quality of radiance that they feel from me. ... I have a more and more sweet feeling of a personal connection to God and to my own soul." Jean Sibley

"...my life has gone through profound transformations...my meditations have improved dramatically. Now when I sit to meditate I can feel divine presence the moment I tune in.... I often feel energy work being done on me spontaneously in the twilight hours of the morning and as I fall asleep. ... What is being offered here is priceless..." S. B. Meridian

"The Egyptian Mystery School has given me more clarity and honesty about who and what I am and about what my true desires are for my life...it has brought increasing peace and joy to my mind... I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be in these classes..." Ilse Gonzalez

"I no longer see my "soul" or my "higher self" as some thing residing outside of my physical body, but as energies of the Divine in me." Rita Weikal

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