At their heart, the ancient Egyptian teachings are about personality-soul fusion, i.e. the union of the soul and the personality. The soul is not just something that we meet when we die. The soul is a living reality that we are meant to experience here on earth, thereby bringing feelings of profound joy, aliveness and love into our daily life. The ancient Egyptian mystery school teachings are not about transcendence but about wholeness, about how you can integrate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your being through soul energy.

The more infused you become with the energy of the soul the more you will magnetically attract whatever (people, objects, events) will help you in fulfilling your soul purpose. Surely we are meant to enjoy the fruits of this world-otherwise, why did God place them here? But when material things become our master, surely we are lost. The soul-filled life offers a middle way between renunciation of the material world on the one hand and heedless materialism on the other hand. It offers you a life in which you value the things of this world yet you relate to them in a spiritual, non-grasping way.

For information about how Khu can give you direct experiences of the soul, as well as help you to live your daily life more soul-fully, see Overview of Khu, The Egyptian Mystery School™.

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