Khu, The Egyptian Mystery School™, was founded by Irving Feurst. A former atheist, Irving was converted to being spiritually oriented after receiving an energy initiation. Since then he has devoted his life to facilitating the spiritual growth of others through energy initiations.

Irving is also the founder and director of The Spiritual Unfoldment Network, an international network of spiritually oriented energy workers whose goal is to make widely available esoteric energy work from all the world's spiritual traditions. To learn more about The Spiritual Unfoldment Network, visit:

He is the co-author with Virginia Essene of Energy Blessings From The Stars. For additional biographical information about Irving, see chapter 2 of the book. For more information about subtle energy or about initiation, see chapters 3 and 4 respectively of this book.

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KHU, Egyptian Mystery School
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Irving Feurst is also the Founder of:
S.U.N, The Spiritual Unfoldment Network

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