Shown below is an excerpt is from the book Energy Blessings From The Stars: 7 Initiations, by Virginia Essene and Irving Feurst, pp. 152-153. (Irving is the Founder and Director of the Khu School.)

NOTE: This book contains much information about the soul, initiation and energy work. It is useful but not essential to read this book before beginning Khu.

For those of you who found out about the school from the book and are doing the initiations in the book, it is fine to do the initiations and begin Khu simultaneously.

If you haven't already read it, you can get a copy directly from me at S.U.N., P.O. Box 5900, Hercules, CA 94547 or by visiting the S.U.N. website

VE: What's your understanding of the soul, and how can we increase our awareness of it?

IF: I don't believe it's possible to convey a really good understanding of the soul in words because the soul must be experienced to be understood. However, one of the more successful attempts to define the soul verbally is the classic statement that the soul is neither matter nor spirit, but the intermediary between the two. We can find that statement in many writings, from ancient times down to the present. In modern times we can find it in the works of the psychologist James Hillman and in the teachings of D.K. in the Alice Bailey writings.

There are many misconceptions about the soul. There are so many misconceptions that, in my work with people, I've found it's almost more important to explain the misconceptions about the soul than to try to explain everything the soul is. Many of these misconceptions come from not appreciating that the soul is the intermediary between spirit and matter and involve thinking of the soul as either too much like spirit or thinking of the soul as too much like matter or the personality.

We are thinking of the soul as too much like spirit if we think of it as something that we won't meet until we die, something that has no relevance to our daily life. The truth is that the soul is a living reality that we are meant to experience here on earth, thereby bringing feelings of profound joy, aliveness and love into our daily life.

I believe that most people have such experiences partially, however fuller experiences can be fostered through openness, meditation and energy work. We are thinking of the soul as too much like the personality when we project our negativity onto it and describe it as making wrong choices, moving away from God, etc.. The truth is that the soul is in profound union with God, is completely pure and has no moral lessons to learn.

The reason it is so important to see through all these misconceptions is that they result in our experiencing our own thought forms about the soul rather than the soul itself."

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