Understanding what the soul is:

The work of Khu (a word referring to the higher levels of the soul) centers around personality-soul fusion, i.e. the union of the personality and the soul. The school specifically de-emphasizes ritual and makes no effort to contact the Egyptian spiritual guides (which some refer to as "gods" and "goddesses").

To understand why one would want to pursue personality-soul fusion, we need to understand what the soul is. Please read this excerpt from the book Energy Blessings From The Stars: 7 Initiations, by Virginia Essene and Irving Feurst, pp. 152-153.

The Khu School can help you experience progressively more advanced states of personality-soul fusion:
Here's how.

You will experience many changes: What are they?

How does the Khu School work?

Khu is structured as an ongling sequence of lessons, each lesson consisting of 6 energy initiations with accompanying written explanations.

You receive the initiations by distant transmission at a time and place of your choosing. To allow the initiations time to integrate, the most rapidly that you can proceed through the lessons is at the rate of one per month. In between the lessons, there are practices to do. These practices are easily mastered and can be done in a reasonable amount of time. Many people can do the practices in an hour per week.

The Khu lessons fall into two parts: the first 36 constitute "The Mysteries of Isis" and the second part, "The Mysteries of Osiris" is ongoing. You are under no obligation to complete a pre-specified number of lessons. Continue only as long as you feel the school is helping you.

Because Khu is primarily about having certain kinds of experiences and because these experiences cannot be adequately described in words, you have the opportunity to try—free of charge and obligation—a sample initiation and 30 days of nightly transmissions to help you decide whether to enroll in the school.

The energies used in these nightly transmissions can only have - for safety reasons- a fraction of the power that becomes possible in the school itself, since you will be receiving them without the sequence of soul vehicle initiations given to students already in the school. Hopefully these transmissions will succeed in giving you a hint of the possibilities offered by the school.

In keeping with the experiential focus of Khu, I suggest that, after reading the general background information on this web site, that you base your decision about whether to enroll primarily on your experiences of the sample initiations and evening transmissions and that you consult your deep self rather than rely primarily upon mental processing. For details about how to receive your sample transmissions go to Sample Initations and 30-day Free Trial.

The Founder and Director the Khu Egyptian Mystery School, Irving Feurst invites you to also check out the Mysteries of Nephthys distance series and Energy Products, like the sterling silver "Ankh of Transformation" available at http://www.spiritunfold.com.

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