About the Golden Ankh Initiation
Introductory Level

This initiation empowers you to do the Golden Ankh Meditation, a meditation that is one of the standard practices in both components of the Khu school, namely the Mysteries of Isis sequence and the Mysteries of Osiris sequence. This meditation was one of the most popular in the ancient Egyptian teachings, appearing in most of the schools. Each lesson of the Khu sequence contains an initiation which makes the Golden Ankh Meditation even more powerful.

Please allow ten minutes for the initiation to come in. This initiation empowers you to do the meditation described below. The initiation does not give you the ability to empower others to do the meditation. Anyone who wishes to receive the initiation should ask Irving's higher self to give it to them; his higher self uses the unique energy technology referred to on page 68 of Energy Blessings From The Stars: Seven Initiations by Virginia Essene and Irving Feurst to make the initiation even more effective than it was in the ancient Egyptian schools. (To use a rough analogy, the effect of this technology is like digitally re-mastering a movie to make a new version that is an improvement over the original).

Please note that it is the shakti, or spiritual energy, conveyed by the initiation which gives this meditation its transformative power; without the shakti the meditation is simply another visualization and lacks the power given to it by the shakti.

STEP ONE — Receive the Initiation:

While there are no required rituals or symbols, three steps are recommended to help you focus your intention:

  1. Go into your quiet inner space.

  2. Verify that both your heart and your mind are willing to receive what you are about to ask for.

  3. Make a specific request such as "I request Irving's higher self to send me the Golden Ankh Initiation now."

STEP TWO — The Meditation:

After receiving the initiation, to do the meditation, visualize a golden-colored ankh roughly 1-3 feet in front of the chakra located at the level of the middle of the forehead (commonly referred to as "the brow chakra"). An example of the ankh symbol is shown here, however the exact shade of color, size, orientation, etc. are not critical.

It is even okay for the visualization to be a little vague or for your connection to the ankh to be primarily kinesthetic. However there does need to be some degree of visualization because the activation process for the attunement involves the visual center of the brain. Visualizing the ankh brings in energies that have the following effects:

(a) They are profoundly clearing for the etheric, emotional and mental bodies. The etheric body interpenetrates and vitalizes the physical body.

(b) They facilitate your realizing - physically, emotionally, and mentally - that you are embodiment of God.

When your attention wanders from the ankh, gently bring it back. As much as possible have the ankh be the sole focus of your attention, but do this by directing your attention to the ankh not by trying to drive out other thoughts.

If the ankh changes to another form it is okay to meditate on that form as long as both of the following conditions hold

  1. It changes form all by itself and

  2. it "wants" to keep the other form. Whenever you feel you have the choice to go back to the ankh, you should do so.

Because this meditation energizes the middle-of-the-forehead chakra, you may at times find yourself visualizing the ankh inside your head rather than in front of you. However, to get the most from this meditation, you should definitely visualize the ankh in front of you.

It is recommended that you do this meditation at least once per week and preferably at least 2 - 3 times per week. Do this meditation at least 15 - 20 minutes per time. Most people reach a point of diminishing returns after about 45 minutes, however it is safe to do the meditation for as long as you want because the energies that the meditation brings in will temporarily shut off if you start to overcharge yourself.

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