Like the sample initiations, the 30 evening transmissions are received from Irving Feurst's higher self in the manner described previously. To get the desired cumulative effect, the 30 evenings need to be consecutive.

You do not need to repeat your request for each of the 30 evenings. It is enough to ask once at the beginning of the process to initiate the 30 consecutive evenings of transmissions. Without the sequence of soul vehicle initiations that students in the Khu school receive, the energies used in these sample evening transmissions can only have—for safety reasons—a fraction of the power that becomes possible in the school itself.

However, hopefully these transmissions will succeed in giving you a hint of the possibilities offered by the school. The evening transmissions will be sent to you by Irving's higher self after you fall asleep. Some of the transmissions occur during the dream state and some occur during non-dream states. Like the evening transmissions that students in the Khu school receive, these sample transmissions are highly individualized and the effects vary from one person to another.

While these sample transmissions are highly individualized, they do fall into one or more of the following three categories:

  1. Transmissions to help you become more aware of your causal body and to increase your ability to identify with your causal body (As we move away from the physical body, the causal body is the first of the more spiritually oriented subtle bodies. For more about the causal body, read about the process of personality-soul fusion in the Overview.)

    For some people these transmissions will result not so much in a heightened awareness of the structure of the causal body but rather in a heightened awareness of the functions of the causal body, for example the ability to facilitate unconditional love.

  2. Transmissions to help your chakras-and therefore you-to be in the world in a different way. The effects of these transmissions, like all those coming from Irving's higher self, are chosen to be in alignment with the goals of your own higher self.

  3. Transmissions to increase the capacity of your dreams to facilitate your personal and spiritual growth.

While there are no required rituals or symbols, three steps are recommended to help you focus your intention:

  1. Go into your quiet inner space.

  2. Verify that both your heart and your mind are willing to receive what you are about to ask for.

  3. Make a specific request such as "I request that Irving's higher self begin the 30 evenings of energy transmissions tonight."

Best wishes for an enjoyable, growth-filled and adventure-filled 30 days!

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